Stencil apps is the best tool to manage your salon

   Calendar for schedule management

   Unlimited number of employee accounts

   Customers database with search

   Customer contact details

   History of all appointments

   Birthday notifications

   Reports and statistics

   Access from your computer or your phone

A day with your Stencil app


Customer calls when you're out and about

You're out of your workplace jogging, or doing errands. A customer calls asking for appointment. Your Stencil app is always with you, so you open the schedule, find a free time slot, and schedule the appointment right on the spot. The new appointment is immediately synchronized with all your salon's devices, so your co-workers now see that time slot as reserved. No more "sorry, my notebook is not with me" or "call me later".

Never miss a business!


The customer is in your salon

Today you've got that customer's birthday reminder from your Stencil app, so when you meet, you're already aware.

You have the customer's history, contacts, and profile at your fingertips, linked directly from the calendar. Check details like hair color formula, preferred cosmetic product, or what procedures were performed on customer's previous visits.

Your customers feel when you know them.


At the end of the day

At the end of your workday, you sit behind your desk. The rush is over, so you're ready to get the overview. What was your revenue today? The revenue this month? The last few months? What is your employees' performance? What are your most valuable services?

Your Stencil app gives you immediate insights on how your business is going, so you can optimize it and grow it.

Pricing and sign up

30-days free trial

Sign up today and start using the product immediately, no payment required! Your first payment is only due 30 days after registration, when you have made sure Stencil Apps fits your needs.

Product features:

  Unlimited number of accounts for the employees of your salon;

  All existing modules are included at no extra cost;

  Web application, accessible anytime from anywhere;

  Carefully designed for usability and ease of use, fully functional on wide range of devices and display sizes;

  Works even when you are offline;

  No need to create and manage new set of credentials, works with your existing Google account.

Subscribtion options after 30 days trial

€15 / month

When paid for 1 year (€180 total)

Other options:

€17 / month

When paid for
6 months (€102 total)

€20 / month

When paid for
a single month

Sign up with Google account

NB: We use Google accounts for authentication. You will be prompted to login to your Google account or create a new one before registering your salon. The account you sign up with will be the owner/admin of your Stencil apps instance.